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Florentina Resende
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Benvenuto, Florentina Resende!


Florentina Resende, was born in Oporto, Portugal in 1950.
With artistic formation in Plastic Arts and History of Arts, she has also carried out several workshops in France and Spain.
Represented in several private and public collections throughout Europe, she has participated in more than two hundred of individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Brazil, New York, Malta and London.
She also was distinguished with several awards at portuguese cities and also at Brussels, Paris, Vienna and Malta. Currently, she is president of the Council Fiscal of “Académie Européenne des Arts”.

Albino Moreira Master Award - 3rd. Classified
Prize City of Oliveira do Hospital – 1rd.Classified
Medaille d’Or 36º.Salon Concours International A.E.A. Bruxellas
Prize City of Vieira do Minho – 2ºrd. Classified
Medaille d’Or Salon International, A.E.A. Paris
Award of Merit (anerkennungspreises) O.N.A.E.A. Viena de Áustria
Eighth Prize “2009 Malta International Art Bienal”

“The artist has full conscience that to research and dominate the colour is much more than just an exercise. It is an act that leads to the knowledge of one self and, mainly, it unveils new paths by the juxtaposition of colours and the passages that they provide. Her work doesn’t need a concrete referential for its main quality lies justly in the construction of structures thanks to subtle games of transparencies and creative visual compositions.”

(Óscar D’Ámbrosio)

Fotografie di Florentina Resende

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